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Support for NewOrg Partners

NewOrg plays a unique role in our non-profit partner's organizations. Our challenge with any new partner is to integrate the functionality of anywhere from three to seven different software tools currently being used by different operational areas. While learning NewOrg is intuitive, your version of NewOrg will be configured to match the specific needs of your different departments.


Our support policy is simple; you may have an unlimited number of support contacts with NewOrg, up to one hour for each incident, and these are included as part of our ongoing hosting support.


Many of our partners who now enjoy the benefits of using NewOrg came to us from a scenario of spreadsheets, limited functionality databases and e-mail records being maintained by each staff member (sound familiar?) so we understand the challenges your staff will have in learning a new software solution. We monitor the use of NewOrg ongoing to not only be sure everything is working correctly for you but also to have a sense of how your NewOrg solution is being used and to know if we need to provide further instruction to help you get the most from your system.


When you complete the Implementation phase during which we configure NewOrg for you, you move into what we call "Life Cycle Support" which includes training of staff both live (via internet meetings) as well as by accessing NewOrg's extensive Video Training Library.


We recommend using our Support Ticket System for support requests (quicker response, more accurate tracking of completion and outcomes) but you may also e-mail or phone us (during East coast busness hours). We actually make periodic customer satisfaction surveys of our partners via a phone call to be sure that we are aware of issues as well as feature requests that may not have been submitted to us.


Another key benefit of NewOrg is that we maintain all of our partners on the same version of NewOrg. As we make ongoing updates to the NewOrg platform, these enhancements are provided to all of our partners at no additional cost; they are included in your ongoing hosting support.


Please click here for more information or to schedule an online demonstration so you can see how NewOrg will help transform your organization. - All Rights Reserved

Phone: 866-843-2835