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Organic Certification Agents & Agencies

With consumption and demand for organic certified products soaring, NewOrg now offers the Organic Certification Suite to USDA Accredited Certification Agents. 


Most agencies are still using multiple software tools and a splintered approach to managing their certification and work processes as well as payments and communications.  There are few credible solutions that are truely designed for certification agents.  Most have a limited ability to be configured for your specific needs and none, other than NewOrg, offer a completely interactive experience to your clients from your public facing website.


NewOrg's underlying structure offers flexibility in accommodating the type of activities and information collection that certification agencies need for stepping into the 21st century of client management and web interaction.  Aside from providing a better experience for your clients, NewOrg offers huge cost saving benefits by streamlining your internal operations and eliminating typical duplication of data and staff efforts.


NewOrg has recently partnered with two U.S. based USDA certified agents, Pennyslvania Certified Organic (PCO) and Midwest Organic Services Association, Inc. (MOSA).  They now have an integrated, cloud hosted solution automating their processes beginning with the OSP application through review to inspections, approval and future recertifications.  Critical reporting and automated e-mail communications are also included in the NewOrg's Organic Certification Suite plus the ability to easily make future changes to NewOrg.


NewOrg was tailored to the specific needs of each agency and both include portals from their public facing web sites for clients to maintain their accounts, complete online applications and make payments.  As important, NewOrg designed the processes to accommodate clients who want to maintain their traditional methods of communication and interaction with the agents while both staffs still benefit from their internal use of NewOrg.


A view of the Pennsylvania Certified Organic public facing portal

(Click the below image to view and save an Acrobat file of actual process screens shots)



We asked our partners why they chose NewOrg. Here are some reasons they gave:

  • "Customization that streamlines our workflow - eliminating repeated steps"

  • "Giving our clients an online application and tracking option"

  • "Greatly improved reporting"

  • "Adaptability - Ongoing support from NewOrg but we have the capacity to adapt the system ourselves"


Additional NewOrg benefits for Organic Certification Agents include:


  • Inspectors can complete forms on their devices in the field and upload to NewOrg later when they have an internet connection

  • Automatic generation of correspondence based on particular activities

  • Letters can be created with contextual language which allows consistent communication with your clients regardless of who the inspector or reviewer is

  • Correspondence is sent from NewOrg whether electronic or regular mail with a digital record created for every piece



NewOrg's integrated document and e-mail editor




Please click here for more information or to schedule an online demonstration so you can see how NewOrg will help transform your certification agency. - All Rights Reserved

Phone: 866-843-2835