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Hearing & Speech Screening

Screening thousands of children in schools and centers every year is a complex and necessary community service.  Keeping track of staff, schools, schedules, clients, and results can be a challenge, and funders are requiring more and more detailed data about your efforts.


The NewOrg Management System is ideal for hearing and speech screening programs.  It allows program staff to manage schedules, school contacts, clients, waivers, screening results, referrals, follow ups and billing, all from a single, simple interface.  The system is web based so it can be accessed from the office, field, or home.  NewOrg really is a complete solution for screening programs and it can grow and adapt as requirements change!


NewOrg can support any testing tool (examples: WRAT-4, CELF-4, Speed DIAL, Miller First Step, AGS Early Screening, etc).  You can completely customize your fields and forms.


NewOrg also tracks funding sources so you can allocate grants transparently and confidently over the year, and produce detailed reports for funders, with graphs and summaries, with the click of a button.


NewOrg adjusts to your processes to make managing your program data as easy as possible.


You can also use NewOrg to manage your web site, create forms and member areas for volunteers, board members, and client's parents.  NewOrg can also manage your Donors and Donations and mass mail/email distribution.


Please click here for more information or to schedule an online demonstration so you can see how NewOrg will help transform your organization. - All Rights Reserved

Phone: 866-843-2835