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Surveys & Forms

Outcome reporting to justify ongoing support for your organization is becoming the norm, not the exception and the ability to easily measure and report out the impact of your service to the community and Funders is now a software solution requirement.


Sophisticated analysis and reporting begins with information gathering.  NewOrg is configured to collect the program and constituent data that is unique to your programs and clients.  The NewOrg Content Manager then allows your staff to create online surveys which can be published on your website or accessed via a link in an e-mail.  This flexible tool lets you run annonymous polls or collect detailed questionaires from registered users.  Many of our clients use the flexibility of this tool to allow their partners to submit periodic reports via a secure log-in directly to NewOrg.  Different constituent groups can be provided with different surveys and forms when they log-in.


Our survey and forms tool allows you to gather unique information, combine it with data already in your NewOrg solution and then create detailed reports and visuals that drill down into your data. These information in these reports can be easily re-sorted and re-presented to show the complete impact of your efforts.





The results can then be reported on from the Management Center, displayed in an attractive graph on the web site, or exported to statistics software such as SPSS or Microsoft Excel.



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