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Organization Calendar

The NewOrg Management System is designed to be a central repository of your organization's data.  To be effective, it must be a part of your staff's daily routine.  NewOrg provides all of the standard scheduling features you would expect as well as group scheduling, recurring appointments, permission based case notes, time tracking, and all staff notices and meetings. 


Through a familiar calendar inteface and highly customizable fields, NewOrg allows your staff to easily manage their schedules and record important client and activity information which can then be used for reporting purposes.  No more entering appointment and session information into two or three places.


Additionally, appointments recorded in the NewOrg calendar can also be added to user's Outlook calendars and exported to spreadsheets or other formats.


Standard functions such as reminders, recurring events, and multi-staff, multi-client or multi-funder events, give you the flexibility to record and manage any type of activity.  Record mileage, parking and toll information to ensure accurate billing and compensation.


Your staff records many different types of activities, many of which require specific detailed information.  NewOrg allows administrators to define custom fields based on the type of activity to ensure all relevant information is captured for reporting.


Calendar events can be tied to the organization's web site for online reservations, public event calendar, partner calendar and collaboration.


Imagine a simple, single interface for staff to record and manage their time for all of the activities they perform, with ties to payroll, the web, clients, donors, services, and events.  It reduces data entry, reporting, and administration overhead, while giving your staff instant access to the information they need to serve your constituents and manage their time.





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