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Grant Reporting

Today's funders are asking for more accountability from their grantees. Demonstrating your ability to provide outcome reporting, often via sophisticated pre and post-testing, is critical not only to winning grants in today's competitive environment but in getting them renewed. You're being asked to collect more data with fewer staff resources and the reporting that you need to produce has become more complicated.


This places strains on the administrative staff at many organizations as they struggle to track and report on many different elements for multiple funders. Entering the same data several times has become common. Maintaining accurate statistics, prepared in a timely fashion is challenging without a central repository of all client, staff, and services information.


NewOrg addesses these issues by centralizing all organizational activities and providing each staff member with appropriate access to enter, maintain, and report on their daily activities. NewOrg supports an almost unlimited capacity to store and manage custom information.





With some basic training and quality assurance procedures, this information can then be used to compile reports for funders, to track performance against grant requirements, and to maintain billing information.



NewOrg's custom report builder allows our staff or your administrators to develop a wide variety of reports covering all aspects of your organization's business processes. They can be easily tailored to meet specific funder's format requirements, exported with the touch of one button and even uploaded to funder's systems.


The NewOrg System can help your organization reduce the time and overhead associated with Grant Reporting by up to 80%, while improving transparancy and helping management guage progress towards grant related and organizational goals.





Let your managers focus on your mission, with tools to monitor performance and success.





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Phone: 866-843-2835