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Development Management & Fundraising

NewOrg not only tracks donors, donations, events, and campaigns, we uniquely gather all your constituents and stakeholders in one place.  Imagine being able to create specific campaigns based on your donor prospect's prior donation activity and actual interactions (volunteering, etc.) with your organization; this is what NewOrg enables you to do.


Each of our client partners approach their development activities differently and NewOrg is easily configured to capture and report on the donor prospect information that is important your strategies including Peer to Peer and Social Media.


Track your fundraising success by event, campaign, mailing, donor demographics, etc.  Detailed reports allow you to set goals for each staff member or group and let them track their own efforts and generated contributions in relation to their goals and the success of the rest of the organization.


Sample Prospect Stage Development Report



Please take a look at the following videos.  The first video lays out an overview of how NewOrg integrates your donor nurturing activities with the subsequent tracking of their actual donations, pledges and recurring transactions.  The second video shows the flexibility of NewOrg to be tailored to implement your specific development strategy or how we can assist you in creating one.


Development Management Video Overview

See an overview of how NewOrg manages both the development of your donor prospects and accounts for their support history.




Development Campaign Management Video

Your Development style is unique to your Organization. Watch how NewOrg can be easily adapted to improve the success of your efforts.




Development Management Highlights

NewOrg allows for targeted tracking and communication with all of your donors. Send personalized updates, thank you letters, and receipts either by mail or email with a few clicks.

  • Create approved letters and templates for staff to send out via Email and Mail.
  • Manage and track all outgoing correspondence with donors.
  • Group donors and prospects based on interest, demographics, etc and target campaigns and correspondence to the appropriate people.
  • Record attendance and participation in events, meetings, and promotions.
  • Track donations by event or promotion and type.
  • Color graphs and reports.
  • Manage pledges and scheduled giving.
  • Accept online donations.
  • Report on and analyze donor activity and campaign success.
  • Automatically produce and send receipts and thank you letters.
  • Fast and easy bulk entry of donations.
  • Post donations to your financial system.


Take a look at NewOrg's Donation Management solution topic for a short video that shows how we simplify donation processing and accounting for online transactions.


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